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Floor Lamps For Reading

Floor Lamps For Reading

Stylish and bright, select the right floor lamp for reading and give your eyes the light of day.

Welcome to Floor Lamps for Reading. Our website is designed to provide you with tons of helpful information regarding reading lamps, specifically floor models. With this information you will be able to wisely choose the type that will best suit your needs.

Reading and making crafts are both tasks that if done in poor lighting will strain the eyes and give you a headache at times. With good lighting the eyes are not straining to see and performing these types of tasks is much more comfortable and enjoyable. When the lighting can be adjusted into different positions you can eliminate shadows and glare. You can have the best bulb for reading in the world, but if it is installed into a fixture that cannot be adjusted it will not be 100% efficient. The same can be said about having a nice adjustable fixture but if it is using a standard light bulb your eyes will not be getting the light they need to do close up tasks comfortably.

Is Full Spectrum the Best?

Have you ever noticed how colored objects can look a different color outdoors than inside your house? This is caused by different lighting types inside most homes. Natural daylight generated from the sun is considered a white light or full spectrum. Most homes use a standard incandescent lamp that tends to put out more yellow light. Florescent and halogen will be brighter but will be a bluish colored light. Metal halide bulbs put out a bright white light that is close to the suns natural light. Some manufacturers will term bulbs “Full Spectrum” which means that it will be close to the suns natural light.

There is no evidence that says that full spectrum lights are of substantial benefit to your health, your performance, or to your mood when compared to other types of lighting. Many manufacturers claim that full spectrum lighting is the best type of lighting for a healthy life but there is no scientific proof. Beware of retailers that try to sell you a full spectrum lamp based on claims of preventing all kinds of disorders from high blood pressure to boosting the immune system, this is all sales hype.

It can be said that full spectrum lighting does provide better color and contrast. This is why many artists will use full spectrum lighting, it gives them the best representation of the colors and hues for their work. When it comes to reading or doing a task with a full spectrum light, you are getting a bright white light that will enhance visual acuity and visual sensitivity.


For reading you are best served with a lamp that can be adjusted to provide you with a bright, indirect light that is positioned in a manner so it will not produce any glare. When using floor lamps for reading, the fixture should be at a height of about 40 to 48 inches from the floor with the shade adjusted so you are cannot see the bulb directly If you have it too high you will be uncomfortable when you look up away from your book or task and are suddenly blasted with a bright beam of light. It’s best to have it lower so when you look up the shade is blocking the bulb from your line of sight. You should also position the angle of the lamp so there is no glare, if needed a mirror used in place of a book will help provide the optimum positioning.


When it comes to selecting a good reading lamp there a just a two important features to look for. What type of bulb does it take, and how adjustable is it? The best type of bulb would be the metal halide type, they use half the amount of energy as other types and they last longer, around 6000 hours. You will also see other types. Florescent CFL’s come in models that will be close to full spectrum, over 90% and are a good alternative. Halogen is bright but also uses much more energy and can get very hot. They do not make very practical reading lamps so it would be best to avoid them. Avoid any reading lamp that will use an incandescent bulb.

A good reading lamp will have several means of adjustment. The fixture should swivel and tilt to give you the maximum positioning options. One feature that is often over looked is height adjustment. Make sure the lamp you choose can be adjusted in height.

The only other decision factors when choosing floor lamps for reading are the price and style of which there are many to choose from. Select the style you like that falls in your price range and you can’t go wrong if it has the important features discussed on this page.